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Shreyas Retreat, Bangalore Yoga has been a part of India's ethos and daily practice for over 5,000 years. But it is only recently that the mind-, body-, and soul-enhancing benefits of yoga have made it a global phenomenon. As yoga's popularity rises in the U.S. and other Western countries, travelers increasingly are making their way to the land of its birth. In India, yoga has grown in sophistication, and yoga retreats have mushroomed across the country. They range from top-end luxury spas to small hotels in religious centers such as Uttarkashi in the north and Trivandrum in the south.

There are several yoga schools run by grand masters who still teach the practice in the time-tested way, steeped in ancient traditions and philosophy. For them, yoga isn't instant nirvana; indeed, it is mastered only after years of rigorous practice.

Our Yoga teacher teaches individuals and groups how to attain brama vidya - the knowledge of supreme being, which includes yogic postures and their technical explanations, meditation - japa technique, tantras - chakra balancing and energizing.

Para psychology, hypnotism, rejuvenation (kaya kalpa) kama sutram, havan - rituals before fire , past life regression, astral projection - out of body experience, rapidly develop your psychic power - clairvoyance: extra sensory perception, telepathy, acupressure, yogic diet: satwik food, etc.

In its endeavor to impart this ancient knowledge of India and to understand India better, Professional Tours invite you to participate in the psychic and spiritual program of yoga and meditation for two weeks. We have nothing to do with your religion, faith or belief. You need not change this.

You have nothing to renounce except ignorance. Let the knowledge crop up in your mind. We wish you success to make your life perfect and pleasant.

We assure you our best cooperation in proving a meaningful, adventurous and painless outward-inward journey. We wish you "sat-chit-anandam" - realization of truth - pure conscious-self and blissfulness.