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Yoga & Meditation at The Ananda in the Himalayas
Yoga at Ananda in Himalayas Yoga: Ananda Yoga helps you to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being using three branches of Yoga: Hatha, Kriya and Raja. Drawing from a wealth of spirituality and ancient healing arts, Yoga at Ananda, set at the source of these traditions- Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, is an experience that is highlighted by the environment - the Himalayan Sal Forest, overlooking the river Ganges and the holy town of Rishikesh.

Yoga and meditation at Ananda helps to achieve a state of passive alertness that transcends the every day level of thought and distraction.

Yoga at Ananda acquires a special meaning in the exquisite setting of the lush Himalayan Sal forest. Located in the picturesque and historic birthplace of the ancient Indian sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, Ananda overlooks the holy river Ganga and the spiritual town of Rishikesh.

Ananda Yoga enhances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities of guests utilizing three branches of Yoga: Hatha, Kriya and Raja. Beginners and experienced participants are encouraged to experience a higher level of personal contentment through individualized practice incorporating devotion, dedication and discipline to one's lifestyle.

Yoga at Ananda is completely pure and traditional in form, stemming from the roots of Hatha yoga and adapting it to suit individual needs. It is a disciplined science encompassing all aspects of life in different ways and levels to balance the mind, body and spirit. This helps us to restore perfect health and leads us from consciousness to super consciousness, resulting ultimately in eternal bliss or Sat-Chitt - Ananda which is the aim of Yoga.

The principal Yoga instructor begins your visit with a personal consultation session to focus your Ananda Yoga experience. The physiological, philosophical and theoretical yogic goals are explored with the recommended activities.

Ananda offers stunning panoramic locales for Yoga sessions, be it one-to-one or a group session. With breathtaking view of the Himalayan foothills and the heady fragrance of the mountain air as your constant companions, Yoga at Ananda becomes a unique experience to rejuvenate your soul. Some of the most preferred locations for Yoga are as follows:

Expressing an identity of aesthetic eloquence, art at Ananda unveils a mystic vision of India. Based on ancient texts dating to the dawn of Indian myth and philosophy, the emotive symbols coalesce in a peerless art form known as Yantra.

Commissioned Yantra artwork, housed throughout the tranquil environs of Ananda - In the Himalayas, acquaint those who seek meditative inspiration to cleanse the mind, body and soul with an experience of spiritual harmony. Used as meditation aids, the geometric colors and images serve to unite the physical or therapeutic experience with the visual.

Meditation at Ananda in Himalayas Enlightening people with their rich meanings, Yantras are the soul of Ananda, as they yoke together action and thought with ancient Indian beliefs in art and religion, through Yoga and meditation. Conceived from the Sanskrit word 'yug' to unite, and 'sadhna' or meditation, both these healing sciences were born in the neighboring ancient village of Rishikesh and have found a renewed expression at this holistic destination spa. This primordial art manifested itself as early as 3000 BC in the symbolic imagery of Harappan artifacts and reveal timeless truths, visions of cosmic sensuality when the eternal quest to reach the 'One' leads to an awakening of the inner self.

In the pristine environs of Ananda, many of the Yantras depict the lotus. A primal image in the Hindu myth is of the lotus emerging from Lord Vishnu's navel, giving birth to Brahma - the Creator of the Universe. During Yoga and meditation, as the 'chakras' or spiritual centres within man are aroused, the lotus image appears in the inner mind coupling the self with the universe. For some, Yantric art can be considered as an essential form of Yoga: their symbols, patterns and colors serve to focus principled concentration with visualization as a meditation aid. There are countless examples of corollaries between visual depiction and philosophical focus found in the spa collection.

From macrocosmic arts, Yantras have also been woven in the printed collaterals where the mystic 'Bindu' (the sacred points that unites the inner self and the universe) appears on objects of use within the spa. Transforming visual art into aesthetic and tactile expressions, Ananda brings alive an ancient aesthetically evolved experience for the purpose of meditation, adornment and visual art.

By re-acquainting seekers with this ancient visual vocabulary, seen in spa sculptures, frescoes, paintings and petroglyphs, the Yantra unites guests with the missing part of one's self and leads to the discovery of radiance in living. Ananda - In the Himalayas is the only destination spa in the world which interweaves Yantras extensively throughout. The Spa's Yoga instructor's Yantric-Yogic research continues to bring these fascinating art forms further into the guest experience, through lecture and meditation.

Ma Anandamayi Abode - Renowned spiritual figure around the world, Ma Anandamayi was respected for her propagation of universal love. The Maharaja of Tehri Garhwal made a very special abode for Ma Anandamayi and being a highly spiritual person, invited her to bless his Palace with her presence. The Abode is a preferred venue for personal meditation.

The Yoga Pavilion - A majestic open-air marbled floor shelter with gold leaf ceiling fresco, surrounded by a still and peaceful water pool at the south end of the expansive Palace Lawn, the intimate setting receives the best sunset views and is ideal for individual instruction or private meditation.

Kunjal Kriya in Ananda Our experienced Yoga teachers are trained to understand your personal objectives and goals during your stay at Ananda and beyond. They will then design a specific yoga and meditation program for you to assist you through your journey of life, balancing your being and assisting you to achieve health and well being.

Treatment Duration
Special traditional meditation 60 mins
Kunjal Kriya 30 mins
Private yoga session 60 mins
Neti 30 mins

Special Traditional Meditation (60 minutes)
Meditation is our specialty and is the central component in nearly everything we do at Ananda. The techniques we offer are grounded in ancient Indian traditions, yet immediately practical for modern needs

Kunjal Kriya (30 minutes)
A commonly used yogic practice to cleanse the digestive tract. Kunjal helps to expel impurities and reduce acidity.

Private Yoga Session (60 minutes)
In private sessions, you will receive individual attention with dialogue and adjustments specifically tailored for your needs

Neti (30 minutes)
'Neti' simply means the practice of cleansing the nasal passages with salted lukewarm water. Neti helps to relieve sinus problems, improve eyesight and counters environmental pollutants.