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A day at shreyas
Shreyas yoga Meditation The day dawns with guests waking to the gentle rustling of the coconut trees, the chirping of birds and the crisp cool air. Stepping out of your luxury garden cottages with tented canopies or your poolside cottages, the curving pathways lead to the open-air yoga hall where you gently stretch and tone your body, practice deep relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises.

If you like to run or walk instead, we have a wonderful shady, winding 3-kilometre pathway that meanders through Shreyas sprawling 25 acres of greenery.

Fresh and energized, you head for the dining room by the pool for breakfast, which includes freshly squeezed juices and fruits hand-picked from our own gardens. The more adventurous can sample our delicious breakfasts from cuisines across India. On cooler days, breakfast is served in the gardens. Of course, if you are on a particular diet recommended by our therapists or a special diet of your own, please do let us know and we will be glad to be of service.

After breakfast, you are free to follow your own agenda. If you have booked a massage, head towards the beautiful massage center, where our trained therapists will pamper and heal you with our rejuvenating Thai and Balinese massages. You can speak with our qualified therapists for cures for all kinds of physical battle scars you may have picked up over the years - such as back and neck pain, losing or gaining weight, skin related problems etc.

You can opt to swim in the temperature controlled 25 meter lap or simply sun-bathe around it with a book from our extensive library. Those wanting to do something energetic can test your batting skills in our cricket nets against BOLA, our professional bowling machine.

Or, perhaps you would prefer to work out in our equipped gymnasium and follow it up with a swim, outdoor Jacuzzi and steam bath. If you like cycling, let us know in advance and we can arrange for rental bikes and provide you with a guide of the neighboring towns & villages. There are beautiful temples, lakes and forests not too far from Shreyas and we can direct/escort you to them. Picnic lunches can also be arranged on request.

Rice paddy Shreyas The most popular of all activities is spending time on rice paddy, agricultural and herb gardens, where you get an opportunity to get your hands and feet dirty and truly commune with nature. Feel your stresses disappear as you become one with nature. Follow up this hour or so of light physical activity by relaxing in our thatched hut with fresh coconut water and feel the nostalgia creep in as you watch the trains pass by. If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and practice of yoga, you are welcome to meet our yoga therapist and arrange for a private yoga class for your specific requirement and level of expertise. They can explain the various therapeutic benefits of all physical & breathing postures and various meditations. Some of you may prefer to visit the city of Bangalore and its chic shopping outlets to pick up gifts and other items for yourselves or your loved ones. We can provide the necessary transport with a guide, should you so require. We also offer a pick up service, should you have items sent for alterations etc. that have to be picked up.

Lunch is a relaxed affair, set in the dining hall providing an opportunity for all our guests to interact with each other. The menu is almost always a welcome surprise - from refreshing cold or hot soups, crunchy green and other exotic vegetable salads, lightly creamed pastas made with extra virgin olive oils, lasagnas, to various Indian vegetarian dishes cooked by a our chefs who bring their experience and expertise from all parts of India and their travels across the world. You will truly be surprised with the variety of vegetarian food that is available at Shreyas.

The afternoon is yours to spend as you wish; to rest, read, watch a movie or come back to the pool. The beautiful garden cottages and poolside cottages are air conditioned, and our garden cottages have a unique open bathroom that leads into your own private courtyard. You can take your books to your room, sip from the herbal teas provided in your room, and spend the afternoon reading in your private veranda overlooking the lush green gardens.

The rays of the setting sun cast a golden glow on the yoga hall, where a yoga class is held every evening for all our guests. Speak with our wellness consultant on arrival, to work out a routine that is specially tailored for you or join a larger group. You can even ask our yoga teachers to spend some time after the evening class to give a talk on the philosophy of Yoga and how it can be integrated into your busy lives back home.

Yoga Practice & Exercise Night transforms Shreyas into an ethereal retreat - softly glowing candles, soothing music in the background, the gentle lapping of water in the infinity pool and the sound of nature all around us. Join the other guests for dinner in the dining room, or in the beautiful lawns, under the stars, attended to by our courteous and attentive staff. You can choose to eat with a larger group or on your own.

The gourmet vegetarian meals at Shreyas vary everyday - from local delicacies to mouth watering "tandoori" (clay baked) cuisine to varied continental dishes - all made from ingredients organically grown and freshly picked from our fields. You can choose not to have our freshly made desserts such as egoless chocolate cake, cream tarts and various Indian delicacies. In fact, we live the moral code of yoga - eat well, but in moderation, practice yoga & exercise, and live life completely

Occasionally, we organize local and foreign classical musical and dance recitals in our very own amphitheatre. You can also request our staff to take you to a neighboring village to witness the festivities of the numerous spiritual and cultural events that take place each month.

Win Retreats for the soul at Shreyas
Wind up your day in our state of the art home theatre that has over 500 movies for your viewing pleasure. Nestled in the luxurious comfort of "lazy boy" chairs with a warm cup of chocolate or herbal teas and your favourite movie, this is every movie buff's delight! But try not to sleep late for you have an early start tomorrow.!!

In the Indian tradition of Yoga, life is a journey of experiences that leads us to discover Shreyas ("all round excellence") inherent within us. As such, Yoga at Shreyas is much more than the traditional physical postures and our aim is provide numerous self discovery packages/retreats that aim to catalyze your thinking/living philosophy and harmonize it with the timeless wisdom enshrined within the Indian philosophical tradition. All programs & yoga classes are conducted by Inner Challenges, the life-coaching company dedicated to applying the wisdom of the Vedas and Indian spiritual tradition to enrich the professional and personal lives of our guests.

Pranayama in shreyas If you are looking to spend some time reflecting and connecting with your inner core, we provide a sacred space for you and structure your stay with dedicated yoga classes, rejuvenation and relaxing massages, light, but wholesome vegetarian food, guided meditation sessions, Mouna (silence) and karma yoga (working with a selfless attitude) hours. These retreats are designed to help you achieve a better understanding of your self, and hopefully, the role and purpose of your life.

Yoga classes at Shreyas are based on classical Hatha yoga & combined with Pranayama (breathing related) and Pratyahara (internalization) processes drawn from the Yoga Sutras - an ancient yogic doctrine that aims to integrate our body, mind, heart and souls for complete living. There is no dogmatic religion practiced at Shreyas and people of all faiths are welcome.

In the Indian tradition, Shreyas is interpreted as "all round excellence", the manifestation of which is the purpose for which our lives have been given to us. Shreyas is inherent within us and is to be achieved through purifying our body/mind energies and spiritualizing our actions & emotions, allowing these qualities to shine forth.

Shreyas is very inspired by the Indian spiritual practice of looking deep within the Self for answers to questions of existence and being. We are dedicated to helping our guests achieve a perfect balance in body, mind and spirit, through the medium of Yoga, which is non denominational and open to people of all faiths.

We demonstrate through our various customized programs that contrary to popular belief - Yoga can be practiced by everyone. Yoga has an amazing effect on our body and mind energies allowing us to deal with life's bouquets and brickbats with sense of equanimity. We appeal to those who wish to understand/familiarize themselves with the philosophical tradition of India, without necessarily delving into its organised religious aspects.

Spread over 25 acres of landscaped gardens, the architecture and interiors are a seamless confluence of traditional and the modern - tiled roofs, antique doorways and stone pillars give way to contemporary interiors and state of the art facilities. Shreyas is an environmentally friendly retreat and care has been taken to retain the original landscape and natural beauty of the place.

Every effort has been made to preserve the precious natural resources with initiatives such as rain water harvesting, solar heating, Ayurvedic and medicinal herb plantations, organic farming and organic waste disposal. All meals served at Shreyas are made from organically grown ingredients freshly hand-picked from its 20 acres of fields.