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Women tour - Get to know Indian Women
Indian Women The Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995 was a historic and unprecedented meeting of the NGOs and Government representatives. Over 36000 women from different parts of the world converged in Huairou which was the venue of the NGO Forum on Women with the specific theme "Looking at the world through Women's eyes".

One of the biggest gains of the women's movement in India has been the reservations - a positive discrimination -for women, up to one third seats in various political bodies at the local governments. This constitutional amendment in India makes it the most historic gain for the entire world to emulate. India, with its rich culture and history of women's movements and roles in frontline of activism, has shown that the diversity of the ideologies, do not come in the way of articulating the larger concerns of women as a whole.

The challenge today, is to make available this unique and empowering experience to as many women and men to forge alliances, form networks and share the joy of coming together and learning from each other. In this scenario, it would be interesting as well as educative for the women in your country to visit India to exchange ideas and facilitate a meaningful dialogue and study the status of women in India. The tour would provide opportunities to learn about Hindu & Muslim women. An eminent Indian women personality would be traveling with the group as Tour Director.

Please write to us for a detailed program and rates.