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Golfing Holidays - The Fairway Bunker
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In India you can play golf almost anywhere, for this outdoors sport is widely played by a cross-section of people to the country's often-dramatic background. IN the hills and high Himalayan fastness, in metropolitan cities and in small towns, by lakes and forests, or surrounded by tea estates, out in the desert and in old British cantonments...

The flavor of India is visible everywhere that gold in the country is played. You can stroll off the course to share a cup of piping hot tea at a 'dhaba', tee off from the highest 18-hole course in the world, watch a peacock dance on a green or play on a course that is enriched by old monuments and beautiful buildings. In India anything is possible, and playing golf here will enable you to experience the country in a unique manner.

Gulmarg Golf Club India was the first country outside of Great Britain to take up the game of golf. The Royal Calcutta Golf Club, established in 1829, is the oldest golf club in India, and the first outside Great Britain. With the growing influence of the British in the Indian Empire, the eighteenth century saw a mushrooming of new golf clubs in India. The founding of the Royal Calcutta Golf Club in 1829 was followed by the now-defunct Royal Bombay Golf Club in 1842 and the Bangalore Golf Club in 1876. The Shillong Golf Club incorporated a golf course in 1886.

What makes golfing in India exciting is the diversity of its courses. Not only does it have the oldest golf club in the world outside Great Britain, but also the highest, at Gulmarg (altitude 2,700 meters) in Kashmir. There are golf courses in the mountains, plains, deserts and at beach resorts. The environment of each course is unique in its culture and history, highlighting all that makes India a diverse destination. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that one of the best ways to experience India is through its golf courses.

Most of India's courses are well connected by road, rail, and air, and have excellent accommodation facilities. The most important annual event in the calendar of the Indian Golf Union is the India Open Golf Championship, which was first played in Delhi in 1964, and won by the Australian golfer, Peter Thompson.

Royal Calcutta Golf Club Golfing in India has come a long way, and a large number of Indian players now compete on the international circuit. Golf enthusiasts continue to grow in numbers, and new courses are added almost every year. And what could be a better feather in India's golfing cap than the fact that Delhi was chosen to host the first ever golf competition for the Asian Games in 1982?

India offers a variety of choices for golfers. It has modern course at Classic Resort in Delhi and The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf course outside the British Isles. Some of the best clubs in the country provide facilities of Golf. Willington Club in Bombay; the Delhi Golf Club and Madras Gymkhana to name a few. But their high membership fees and scarce availability have made Golf a status symbol in urban India. However with coming up of number of new clubs catering to Golf popularity of game has picked up.

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