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Quiet Healing Center at Auroville, Pondicherry
Quiet Healing Center at Auroville, Pondicherry A unit of Auroville offers a variety of natural therapies intending to relax, rejuvenate, recharge and heal; helping one to enter a state of deep contentment and peace. Therapies on Sundays are available only from December till March

Acupuncture is an Asian healing modality based on meridians, or energy pathways running through and supporting the maintenance and health of the body. By inserting ultra-fine needles into points along the meridians, energy blockages can be cleared and energy flow is stimulated. This healing technique is a body-mind-spirit approach to health that seeks to restore balance and well-being to all aspects of the being.

Ayurvedic Massage / Ayurvedic Kalari Massage
This method works primarily to stimulate, relax and balance the whole body-mind continuum alleviating many complaints such as muscle pain, headaches and digestive disorders, structural problems such as sciatica, spinal difficulties such as shoulder and neck pain. Treatment involves the generous use of special oils and a thorough and rhythmic process of tracing, kneading, stretching and twisting manipulations.

Bio Resonance
All the body's cells emit electro-magnetic vibrations. During illness or injury these vibrations become disharmonious. The bicom machine can "read" these vibrations and transmit to the body the complimentary vibrations required to reestablish harmony. Thus it can be utilized for both diagnosis and treatment.The bicom machine contains computerized programs for the therapist tests to make an energetic diagnosis and to determine which therapy programs are appropriate specific symptoms, organs and meridians.

Cell Consciousness Therapy
Cell Consciousness  Therapy Cell Consciousness Therapy consists in cleansing the memory of the cells of the traumas experienced since the beginning of one's existence. The content of this memory influences us in our behavior, our emotions and decisions without us being aware of it. As long as there are traumas in this memory we are likely to have negative attitudes and emotions like fears, anger and all kind of negative reactivity to the outside world. This method includes work with the mind and the body of the patient, on the structure and on many energetic levels according to what is necessary for him/her in each session. It helps to unify the different levels of the being, to strengthen confidence and faith and to widen the consciousness.

This approach relates to our difficulties, dilemmas, challenges, confusion, frustration, and error in terms that allow for observation, analysis and the encouragement that stimulates a true connection with myself. Through this connection with our center we come to understand our freely chosen goals and the means by which we strive to realize them.

Foot Reflexology
The great number of nerves ending in the feet connects to virtually every organ in the body. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet, it is possible to effect the functioning all the body's organs. Foot massage / reflexology can thus be a potent healing modality in its own right or when used in conjunction with other therapies.

Full Body Massage
Deep tissue or Relaxing massage Fragrant oils are used and the entire body is massaged producing deep relaxation and relief from mental and physical stress. While essentially a gentle technique, the therapist may work more deeply depending on the condition (or preference) of the patient. This technique improves blood circulation, boosts the immune response and the endocrine, muscular, digestive and lymphatic functions.

Siddha Massage in Quiet Healing Center Siddha massage This is a full body massage with oil. Long strokes along the nadis (energy lines) and the marma (vital points) points remove energy blocks. Siddha medicine is the most ancient medicine practiced in South India.

Swedish-esalen (deep-tissue / sports / "California") massage Swedish-Esalen Massage is sometimes referred to as therapeutic massage. This modality is more than a typical "Spa massage". It employs moderate to deep release techniques based on the needs of the client.

Homeopathy, a system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann, (Germany) is based on the principle of like cures like. It is sort of like presenting your body with a mirror to reflect it's own disease. The awareness thus produced at the subconscious level initiates the body's own healing process.The initial interview is long and is aimed at understanding the root of the illness, which helps in the selection of the remedy. The remedy is chosen for the individual, and not for the disease.

The remedy is catalyst for healing at a deeper level.Experience tells that though homeopathy is very effective in bringing about a positive change in the health of the individual this process can be speeded up many-fold, when the patient is willing to take responsibility for his own healing process instead of relying solely on the therapist and remedy, and we try to encourage this in our practice.

Peas vs Pills
Dr Nandita Shah regularly gives workshops called Peas vs Pills about how each one of us can take responsibility for our own health instead of relying on doctors. The main focus of her work is food that heals. She also does individual consultations with people who would like to heal themselves through diet rather than take medicine. Nature's wisdom surpasses that of any doctor. Learn how you can PREVENT and CURE most illness', including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, cancer, digestive problems, menstrual and menopausal problems, joint pains and backaches, psychological problems and more just by:

Homeopathic Treatment » Understanding what your body is trying to tell you and responding accordingly.
» Understanding what would be the healthy diet for a human being and learning how to prepare tasteful, healthy meals that heal.
» Understanding your role in the design of the universe.

Two principles discovered by Samuel Hahnemann nearly three hundred years ago form the basis of Homeopathy. The first of these, most simply expressed as, "Like cures like." stemmed from Hahnemann's observation that a substance which produces a certain syndrome when administered to a healthy individual will act curatively when administered to an individual displaying a sufficiently similar set of symptoms which have arisen as the result of pathology.

A physician, Hahnemann had observed with despair the effects of much contemporary prescribing which, he felt, often produced more disastrous effects than the illness it was supposed to treat. His search for a means of preparing medicinal substances in a way that would render them safe while not compromising their efficacy as healing agents led to the process known as "potentization", the second basic principle of Homeopathy. Various hypotheses have been advanced to explain the underlying physics of potentization, none with total success.

The process appears to liberate the subtle energy inherent in the starting material and it is this energy, rather than the material substance of the starting material, which is transferred to the patient via the homeopathic remedy. However the process actually works, potentization yields remedies which are totally non-toxic and free of side effects (even though the original substance from which a given remedy was prepared may have been a most virulent poison) and which, their action being energetic rather than material, are able to act directly at the causal level of disease.

Homeopathic treatment begins with a case taking interview which ordinarily takes between one and a half and two hours. The homeopath then attempts to match the "picture" of the patient elicited in the interview with a known "remedy picture" and to administer the "most similar" remedy. A well chosen homeopathic remedy acts to right the energetic disbalance which is the underlying cause of an illness rather than by merely suppressing its symptoms. Homeopathy thus opens the possibility of genuine cure for many conditions for which ordinary medical practice can, at best, offer only temporary relief.