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Forest Essential Spa - Glass House on River Ganges, Rishikesh
Forest Spa in RishikeshForest Essentials presents a line of authentic Ayurvedic preparations, whose ingredients include plants and herbs or their essences and extracts, pure vegetable oils, natural spring water, clarified butter , honey, milk and whole vegetables & fruit. We use preservatives when absolutely necessary, as some formulations contain hydrating ingredients that are inherently unstable.

Our purpose is to use the purest, highest quality ingredients, in old ayurvedic recipes, adapting them when required so they are easy to use in a modern context. Forest Essentials was founded in the year 2000 after many years of meticulous research by Mira Kulkarni. Many notes were painstakingly taken over many years and developed with trained Ayurvedic physicians, and a range of natural skin care and hair care products was evolved. There is no 'quick fix' method for eternal youth. Only naturally distilled pure essential oils, pure cold pressed, organically grown vegetable oils and plant extracts should be used in skin applications. Plants, unlike chemicals or any of their parts or extracts are full of that vibratory energy that constitutes life.

By plants we mean all forms of vegetation including trees, flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. These living substances contain all the purifying nutritive and balancing properties required to be the perfect anti aging food for the skin. Our company uses this philosophy to produce our line of treatments for hair care and skin care. We use age-old Ayurvedic formulations from an ancient Ayurvedic Centre in Tehri Garhwal called The Gita Bhawan, with scholars who practice an austere code and devotion to their incredible font of knowledge. These are then interspersed with the understanding of a modern bio-chemical point of view to create, with our team, products that have their basis in India's oldest science but presented in a easy-to-use manner.

Typically, an Ayurvedic treatment would be highly beneficial, but not pleasantly scented and messy to use. By keeping its benefits intact, yet making it possible for the discerning woman of today, to integrate this well-being into her everyday life, is what our focus is. Our products are not made in factories in industrial areas, but in the Himalayas, in small villages in Uttaranchal, using local labor. Our own spring water, has therapeutic & regenerative qualities and has been certified by laboratories in France as being rich in mineral deposits, which makes for its unique properties. This water is used in all our products.

Ayurvedic Skin Care in Forest Spa Ayurvedic skin care formulations use plants to nourish & rejuvenate the skin. Pure liquid essences - or essential oils are the most concentrated and refined extracts of the plant and thereby the most effective. Forest Essentials use naturally distilled pure essential oils and mix them in pure cold pressed organic vegetable oils to get the most penetrating and nutritive massage oils.

Herbal oils are very concentrated medicinal oils, used in undiluted form in massage therapies. They are made in two ways, by adding herbal extracts to a base oil or by adding a strong decoction of medicinal herbs and boiling till all the water is evaporated. Traditionally Ayurvedic practioners make herbal oils with no regard to their scent, which in many cases is quite unpleasant, of course through highly beneficial. We have tried by adding essential oils to medicinal oils, not only to improve the aroma but also enhance its healing qualities.

Nutrients are the key to healthy hair - but to be effective they must reach the roots. Massage frees the roots of dry sebum, improves circulation and tones the scalp. A warm oil massage is the most beneficial treatment for the hair. Traditionally, a variety of Ayurvedic herbal oils have been used over the centuries for hair care. In a country where beauty also is measured by the length and luster of the hair, this is a very important part of beauty care. Herbs enhance the effects of massage by nourishing and strengthening hair roots.

Amla, shikakai, bhringraj, neem or japapatti herbs are infused in a base oil of sesame, coconut or almond or a combination of these. In ancient times, only herbal powders were used to cleanse the hair, lifting dirt without disturbing the natural functioning of the scalp. However, these are difficult and messy to use. These herbs and their extracts are used by Forest Essentials in gentle shampoos to cleanse the hair. A conditioning rinse after shampooing softens and conditions the hair leaving it glossy and smooth.

All our soaps are traditionally made by hand using the old fashioned cold process. The by-products like glycerin are retained unlike commercially made soaps. In our cream soaps, coca butter & coconut oil with pure essential oils are the main ingredients. Pure cold pressed oils, herbal infusions, organic fruit and vegetables and natural spring water are used in Ayurvedic formulations to cleanse and nourish your skin with each use.

ubtan-bath-in-forest-spa-rishikesh.jpg Pre baths ubtans have always been part of an essential Indian bath ritual. Ubtans are fine dry powders with different formulations for various skin types, but generally containing turmeric, sandalwood, flower and herb powders. These are to be mixed with either rosewater or yogurt for normal and oily skins, cream or aloe vera juice for dry skins. Ubtans are applied on the body, preferably after an oil massage and left to dry. When dry, it is rubbed of with gentle circular motions to exfoliate dead skin, increase circulation and remove dead surface skin cells. Either way, it is time to say goodbye to harsh synthetic scrubs and make room for a veritable gourmet feast for your skin. After rubbing off the dried paste, the excess is rinsed off with water to reveal a fresh soft glowing skin.

In most cultures throughout history, the bath has been and is an important ritual for purification of body and mind. In the Vedic tradition, we honor statues in our temple with a five-nectar bath of milk, honey, ghee, yogurt and banana, which according to Vedic texts are the five perfect foods. Therefore the best of what we have is what we offer to the Gods. There is nothing so rejuvenating to the spirit and relaxing to the body as a leisurely soak in the tub. Consequently Ayurveda considers the bath to be the most vital part of daily life. The pace of modern life leaves most people with no time, but taking half an hour to pamper yourself with week to a cleansing and nourishing body bath is really the least you can do for your health, peace of mind, and serenity.

To fragrance the home is an age-old Indian tradition. In olden times, an iron container was filled with burning coal on which was sprinkled a fragrant resin or 'Sambrani' which was wafted through the house to purify, heal, and scent its surroundings everyday, about dusk. This also took care of various insects and mosquitoes. Our aromatic incense sticks and citronella sticks specifically for mosquitoes and insects are 100% natural and use roots, bark, leaves, flowers, herbs, etc. to create a new medium to restore balance to the body, mind and spirit, promote relaxation and well being.

Diffuser oils are a mix of essential oils in a carrier base used in a diffuser, or sprinkled on bowls of water or potpourri for a lingering fragrance. These can be used as a mood enhancer according to what fragrance is used. Nourishing Creams, Lotions & Hydrating Gels: The rejuvenating effects of light yet rich creams & lotions packed with the goodness of traditional ingredients like Sandalwood, Pistachio, Saffron, Jasmine essential oils to nourish and hydrate the skin have always been a part of an essential beauty routine in India.