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Birding - Our main focus is in tours for the the Western Ghats endemics, the birds of North Eastern Himalayas, the bird rich areas of Gujarat and North India, including Bharatpur. Our guides are arguably the best in the business & have won accolades from leading birders across the globe.
Cycling - A range of easy to challenging rides and will take you through the mystic and the scenic and let you explore the sheer beauty of this land, from the famed backwaters through the tropically lush rainforests and to the unique high altitude mountain forests. The rides through the manicured tea gardens of Munnar and the rain forests at Periyar will remain with you long after you have left this beautiful land.
Diving - One of the last remaining pristine diving locations on the planet, the Andamans offer great opportunities for the diving enthusiast Or dive at Bangaram is also famous for its many unique dives like Manta Point and the Grand Canyon around the isle itself as well as Perumal Par; a submerged bank and a world class dive site almost 40 miles away.
Kayaking & Rafting - Move through palm fringed water ways through unsullied villages and countryside into the interiors. The only company is the peaceful villages, smiling children and farmers hard at work. An excellent opportunity to see village life at close quarters - local people engaged in fishing, duck rearing, shell and mud collection for the farms.
Safaris - Ride a camel on a safari in Thar desert offering an exceptional blend of camping, exotic culture and experience of the desert life.; Ride an elephant in the periphery areas of Corbett Tiger Reserve through mysterious thick forests, deep valleys and rugged trails that offer a lingering thrill to the adventure seeker. The challenge and thrill of an encounter with the Mahseer attracts anglers from all over the world. It offers a holiday with a fish, which not only rules the Indian waters like the tiger does the jungle, but also fights the way, no one can.
Horse Safari is indeed one of the better ways to see the land of the Rajas - steeped in romantic history, chivalry and tales of the valor of its warriors who trusted their mounts.
Jeep Safari tours in India are best for Himalayan regions. Explore the unknown while admiring the natural beauty at its best on a jeep safari. In India jeep safaris is the best way to explore the rugged terrain, hilly terrain or any other off beaten track in India.
Village Safari from the warm and hospitable people, to the various customs and ceremonies and the abundant wildlife, guests have the rare privilege of being welcomed into village people's homes and interacting with them.
Skiing - The thrill of skiing over snow covered terrain remains unparalleled. As the elements are defeated and unimaginable distances traversed, exhilaration swells up. In skiing the use of only the simplest form of implements serves to add to the adventure.
Trekking & Walking - In almost every part of India, there are great trekking and walking opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. Be it the rugged beauty of the Himalayas, the beautiful Coorg countryside down in the South, the grasslands at Munnar or the rain forests at Periyar in Kerala - India has much to offer. During these treks you will come face to face with the spectacular beauty of the wilderness here, the far flung villages with their own peculiar traditions and the magnificent wildlife that inhabit the forests of India.

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