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Patiala Mono Rail If you know Patiala as just a debauched principality check out this marvel of early engineering. In 1907, the first section of the unusual Patiala Monorail connecting Bassi with Sirhind opened in Patiala State, finally going on to connect Sirhind with Patiala and Patiala with Bavanigarh as well.

The track was just a single rail alone the side of a road. The coaches were three - wheeled, two running on the single rail and the third on the road supporting them.

Initially drawn by mules, four special locos from Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin took over in 1909. Competition from difficulties, forced the train way to close down in 192. In1962, British rail historian Mike Satow discovered the discarded locos and coaches in the PWD scrap yard in Patiala, These were subsequently restored and put into working order.

Wooden seats have replaced the original cane chairs and the coach has been completely rebuilt on an original under frame. The National Rail Museum, New Delhi, is now its home. If you stay in or visit the capital, drop in for a very special treat. Every Sunday, the monorail is steamed up for a run around the museum, and you can take the ride for a nominal.