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Double Decker Coaches In 1996, the weekend Special between Surat and Bombay kicked off. The train was popular from its very inception, connecting as it did two important commercial centres, The Special ran till 1914, When world War I broke out and it was taken off the rails.

The train was reintroduced in 1937 as the Flying Ranee amidst much fanfare. Some bussiness folk, to whom the train was rather dear, even distributed saris and dhotis to all the passengers! The Ranee had an observation car at that time, and an on board telephone to boot .

Two years later it was unceremoniously recalled from service yet again. Another World War. It was only after a rather long gap that the Ranee ran once more in 1950. The well - loved train has plied nonstop ever since. In 1979, double - Decker coaches were introduced on the train, A novelty feature at the (the Flying Ranee was only the second train in the country to get them),and even more so now, the popularity of the train ensured that they soon become a necessity Today 10 of the 18 coaches are double -Decker.

And the 'queen of the West Coast' is a heavily subscribed commuter train which ferries office - goers from Surat to Bombay in five hours flat. Travel by Ac chair car and gaze wistfully at the double -dickers of go cattle class and enjoy.