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Kumarakom - Backwater Resort
Vembanad Lake Kerala, where silky backwaters lace through the rich tapestries of verdant fields. Where azure skies swoop down to embrace the blue lagoons. Where life is as relaxed as a ripple on the backwaters. Bound by the Vembanad Lake on two sides, the swaying paddy fields on one side and the bird sanctuary on the other, Kumarakom provides respite away from the din and noise of the city life.

Situated on the Vembanad Lake near Kottayam, Kumarakom is a little water world adorned with white lilies. The beautiful paradise of mangroves, paddy fields and coconut groves is networked by a maze of waterways and canals, around which life revolves.

Your holiday here will be an enchanting encounter with nature, a rustic people and their lifestyles. Tiny canoes ferrying fruits and vegetables. Children rowing to school. Fishermen casting for the day's catch. Reapers singing in the fields. Agile men sliding up coconut palms. The toll of church bells.

The blowing of a conch. Children splashing in the waters. Storks doing the balancing act. Birds diving in for fish. The tempting aroma of fried fish and juicy mussels.just a short distance away is the village of Ayamanam, the setting of Arundhati Roy's Booker prize winner - God of small Things.

Sunset Cruise: There can be few better ways to slow down to the pace of Coconut Lagoon than watching the sunset from the middle of the lake. The 'kettuvallam' is a traditional backwater boat, once used to transport rice, which we have converted into a houseboat. Propelled by two men with punting poles, one forward, the other aft, the boat drifts silently out across the water. In the distance, flocks of birds are silhouetted against the evening sky. Drinks are served and an extraordinary stillness descends as the sun, now a vivid orange orb, slips effortlessly below the horizon.

Backwater Cruise Backwater Cruise: Whether it is by motor boat or canoe, a trip through the maze of backwater canals is a stimulating experience, allowing tourists to see a totally different way of living. It's relaxing, too.

One or two hour trips can be arranged in a variety of motor launches; for the more adventurous, we have two traditional 'vallom' canoes which you can take out on your own. Ask the chef to make you a packed lunch and lose yourself in the backwaters for a day. You can also explore the vast expanse of Lake Vembanad (again by motor boat or canoe), chatting to the local fishermen.

Arriving by simple, square sailed boats and canoes, they spend much of the day in the water, bobbing about beside their boats in what seems like a strange dance. In fact, they are creating ridges in the mud with their feel to trap prawns. Others are collecting shells to be processed as lime.

Bird Sanctuary: On the opposite bank of the river Kavanar, there is a government bird reserve which is well worth an early morning visit. To reach it takes 5 minutes by boat, followed by a 30 minute stroll on the other side. Walk along the stream until you come to a small log bridge, cross over it, and you are in the sanctuary.

A 6 am start is best if you want to see the snake birds, bittern, brahminy kite, marsh harriers, purple and night herons resting in the mangrove trees. More unusual birds, like teals, migrate here from Russia.

Write to us for a detailed program and rates.