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Nagaland - Vibrant Traditions
Nature Bounty Sharing borderlines with Myanmar in the east, Assam in its western and northern periphery, the Tirap district of NEFA in Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast and Manipur in the south, Nagaland's blue-hued mountains and emerald expanses comprise an intriguing world of ancient rituals and a proud people. This verdant homeland of the Nagas was formally inaugurated as the state of Nagaland in 1963, the 16th State of the Indian Union.

Tiger, leopard, Elephant, sambar, wild buffalo and bear people its deep jungles while its vast expanses of paddy fields, fed by an elaborate indigenous irrigation system, are a veritable feast for the eyes. Known for its salubrious climate, Nagaland has considerable rainfall during the monsoons that run from June to September.

Spread over an area of 16,527 sq km, its population resides mainly in the rural area. Kohima, its capital, Dimapur and Mokokchung are its most important towns. Nagas have evolved into a generic term for many tribal communities in the North East. Of the 32 such tribes, 16 major and numerous sub-tribes spread over Nagaland's seven districts; primary amongst them are the Angamis, the Sema, Konyak, Aos and the Rengmas, each with their own distinct culture and lifestyle.


Khonoma Village
The picturesque village of Khonoma (20 km) offers delightful views of Nagaland's natural beauty and ecological diversity. En route look out for the memorial stones erected to commemorate Feasts of Merit, and the intricate system of bamboo pipes, which carry water for long distances. The unique variety of soil conditions and elevations of its fields have resulted in about 20 different types of rice being grown here.

Passing through the traditional carved ceremonial gate, steep stone steps lead you to the highest point in the village.

Here, the Naga warriors made their last stand against the British in 1879. A simple white pillar commemo-rates G H Damant, Maj. C R Cock, Lt. H H Forbes and Sub. Maj. Nurbir Sai who died fighting the Nagas in Khonoma


Aoling Monyu, Nagaland Trekking
Rising 3048 m high above the verdure of the valley floor, Japfu peak, 15km south of Kohima, makes for a great trek especially from November to March.

Behind it lies the Dzukou Valley (2462 m), watered by a meandering stream which often freezes in winter. In spring, it is rich with wildflowers and pink and white rhododendrons.


Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
Localed about 37 km from Dimapur and 111 km from Kohima, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to the Hoolock Baboon, the only gibbon found in India, The sanctuary also has a sizeable number of elephant, tiger, mithtin, sambhar, wild dog and sloth bear.


Morung Traditions
The pride of the village, the Morung is embellished with hunting trophies and fine wood carving in its doorway. This all-male dormitory, where a young lad of 6 enters and leaves when he weds, is where the village's sacred hunting trophies, daos, spears and shields of the village are kept for safe keeping. It is in the Morung where the boys learn the ancestral folksongs and folktales, where decisions of war and peace are taken, but it is also a refuge for the village culprits. Yet the Morung is not common to all tribes. You will not find it amongst the Angamis, but it is central to all villages of the Ao, Lotha, Konyak and Phom. Some tribes also have an exclusive dormitory for girls where they too imbibe the tribe's cultural traditions.

Of central importance in village ceremonies too are the log drums made from hollowed tree trunks with a carved mithun head, positioned close to the Morung Amongst some tribals, it is regarded as a deity.

Fairs and Festivals

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland Sekrenyi
The Angami tribals celebrate Sekrenyi in the month of February. It normally falls on the 25th day of the Angami month of Kezei. The ten-day festival is also called Phousanyi by the Angamis.

Aoling Monyu
Stretched over six days, the Aoling Monyu festival provides an excellent insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Konyaks tribe. With the completion of the sowing season by March- end, the festival marks the end of winter of the old year and heralds the New Year beginning with spnng.

The Aos observe Moatsu after the sowing is done. Stretching over a period of six days, the festival is marked by vigorous merry-making after the hard labour of jhum farming.

Held in the month of July the Tuluni is the most important festival of the Semas. Nobody is allowed inside the village on the first day of this five-day fesUval. The fourth day is the day of prayers and offerings to Litsaba - the deity of fruitfulness who gives life and protection to the crops.

Kohima STD Code: 0370


Tuluni, Nagaland By Air
» Nearest airport Dimapur (74 km from Kohima)
» Indian Airline flights: Delhi - Guwahati - Dimapur (Tue, Thurs, Sat)
» Dimapur - Kolkata (daily)

» The Dimapur - kohima taxi takes about 2 hours.

Indian Airlines
» Flight Enquiries : 224441/42
» Reservations : 220875

By Road
Kohima can be reached by bus from Dimapur on NH 39. Buses leave from Dimapur (Transport Bus Stand) for Kohima every hour from 5:30 am. One can also go to kohima from Imphal (145 Km).
Taxis charge about Rs 400. Share taxis are available.
Blue Hills travels (Paltan Bazar) and many others in Guwahati have deluxe buses, which take about 13 hours to reach Kohima.

Road Distances
» Kohima to Guwahati: 390 km
» Kohima to Kolkata : 1516


Hotel Japfu Ashok
Tel : 222722-23
27 rooms, Single Rs 550, Double Rs. 800, Suite Rs. 1300, Restaurant, Conference Hall (100)

Hotel Ambassador
Hotel Ambassador, Nagaland D Block
Tel : 221444
12 rooms, Single Rs 300, Double Rs. 350,

The Pine
Near Transport Commissioner's
Office Tel 222234
7 rooms, Single Rs 350, Double Rs. 450,

Hotel Valley View
Old N.S.T Road
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16 rooms, Single Rs 220, Double Rs. 275

Tourist Lodge (Govt. Of Nagaland)
New Minister's Hill
Tel 2222417
16 rooms, Single Rs 75, Double Rs. 150


Assistance Resident Commissioner
Govt. of Nagaland
Nagaland House
29, Aurangzeb Road
New Delhi - 110001
Tel (011)23017123, 23017878
Fax 23794240

Deputy Resident Commissioner
Nagaland House
11, Shakespear Sarani
Kolkatta -700071
Tel (033) 28220725

Tourism Department
Govt. of Nagaland
Kohima - 797001
Tel 2270107
fax 2222289
Telefax of Director Tourism 2222214