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Shopping in Jodhpur bazaars Shopping in Jodhpur bazaars is a heady experience with a colourful display of the rich collection of exquisite handicrafts. The tie- and-dye fabric, embroidered 'Jutes' or slippers in suede, camel skin, velvet and leather, beautiful silks, durries, marble souvenirs from Marana, and extensive range of useful and decorative items and much more, can be found in these bazaars.

Jodhpur is veritable shopper's paradise with entire streets and localities in the walled city devoted to diverse commodities. The city is famous for bandana and Laheriyas (tie and dye textiles) and block printed fabric, available in stupendous range at the Kara Bazaar, around Sonata Gate. Silver jewellery can be found in the Strafe Bazaar in the walled city and antique furniture, wood and metal handicrafts line up both sides of the High Court Road and the Umaid Bhawan Palace Road.

Carpets and durries can be found on the Umaid Bhawan Palace Road and the neighbouring village of Salawas. The place to look for camel and other leather juttis (shoes) is the Mochi Bazaar in the walled city and Jutti Corner on the Station Road. Other markets are Tripolia Bazaar in the walled city and Sardar Market, Nai Sarak and Station Road in the Sojati Gate area. Antiques and handicrafts industries are driving the economy of Jodhpur. The trade in carpentry handicrafts is the biggest here with factories in Basni area producing antique style furniture in large numbers.

Theme Evenings
1. A Princely Eight-course Dinner awaits you at Dawat-e-Khas
Begin the evening with a glass of fragrant liquor laced with saffron and musk, while you listen to Rajasthan's rich music. You are in the grand audience hall, comfortably seated on the floor. Antique swords, guns and delicate miniature paintings grace the walls. Two large murals by a Polish artist, who was commissioned to paint them during the Second World War, capture your attention.

These depict the defence of Jodhpur city and Fort by Durga Das Rathore, the great Rathore warrior, against Aurangzeb and the wedding procession of the late Maharaja of Jodhpur. As Rajasthani court dancers dance for you, dine on hand- picked delecacies from the royal kitchen served on silver plates.

Flaming Torch Dinner, Jodhpur 2. Come to a Flaming Torch Dinner under the Desert Stars
The lawns of the palace are aglow with rows of flaming torches. Daintily fairy lights twinkle in the flower bushed and trees around you. Above you, soar the magnificent turrets of TAJ Umaid Bhawan Palace. In the distance, atop a hill, stands the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, Floodlit and surreal. In this enchanted place, you are entertained by folk dancers, musicians and bards singing about lovely princesses and daring warriors. You are served the traditional Rajasthani cuisine, as well as Continental dishes, and a vista of tempting desserts.

This a how Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur, entertained his guests under the desert stars. Now, it's your turn.

3. Party on the Ramparts of the Mehrangarh Fort
The moon is full and bright in the desert night. As you walk up the hill to the 15th century Mehrangarh Fort, musicians sitting on gaily caparisoned camels welcome you with pipes and drums. On your way to the ramparts, you notice shadows flickering through the portals of the Fort. Are they the friendly ghosts a royal past come to greet you.

Langa singers add a cheerful mood to the party at Fort. The boy singer with his castanets, is a very important member of these groups, receiving more than a major share of the applause, as he twirls and raises his voice in song. Rajasthani dancers with brass pots precariously balanced on their heads, perform lively dances to the mesmeric music of the desert state. Guests gaze in awe as they move faster and faster, without spilling a single drop of water from their pots.

You are out in the moonlight. The breeze sighs past you. A royal dinner awaits you up here on the ramparts. The choicest of barbecued meats, subtly sliced vegetables and lentils, salads and royal sweets, all prepared in the traditional Rajasthani style. You reluctantly start your homeward descent, but wait! Wasn't that the face of a beautiful princess, smiling at you through the exquisitely latticed windows of the Fort.

4. Fountain Court Dinner
Wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace A new venue for theme parties, was created at the FOUNTAIN COURT of the Palace. This open courtyard that adjoins the Darbar Hall, was hitherto lying unused. Surrounded by the exquisitely carved pillars and latticed corridors this is an impressive venue for dinners.

5. Sunset Hour Cocktails
The venue is the Sunset Pavilion located adjacent to the top of the Central Dome of TAJ Umaid Bhawan Palace commanding an overwhelming view of the Jodhpur city and the Mehrangarh Fort. By the virtue of its location it becomes the most ideal place from where one can watch the Sun go down and the twilight emerge.

6. Celebrate a Wedding
Umaid Bhawan Palace is a perfect venue for a grand wedding. Small intimate ceremonies as well as large wedding celebrations can be organized.

The Rathore Durbar Hall - The grand Durbar Hall, with vaulted ceilings and elaborate carvings, is a perfect venue for joyous celebrations, glittering parties and formal receptions. Area 4462 sq ft.

Marwar Hall -The former Royal Reception Room, a magnificent venue, serves an elaborate multi-cuisine buffet of Marwari, Rajasthani, Indian and Continental cuisines. The fine dining experience is enhanced by live instrumental music. Area 4462 sq ft.

The Chamber of Princes - The Chamber, a large and elegant room, is the perfect setting for parties and can be easily transformed into an exclusive sit-down dining room. Area 1080 sq ft.

7. Sand dunes experience
History whispers in Jodhpur's forts, havelis and temples. But there are stories lurking in the stretches of the That Desert. So take a Camel cart ride to sand dunes lit gold by Mashaals ( lighted torches ) and bonfires. Then in the shelter of tents and an even bigger canopy of stars sip a welcome drink while " Langas " and " Kalbeliyas " serenade you with Rajasthani dance and music. End an idyllic evening with a barbeque dinner and fireworks.

8. Marwari Royal Procession
Sand dunes experience In Marwar, the return of victorious warriors is celebrated with great fanfare. Relive the experience as musicians trumpet your arrival and a camel cart takes you down the driveway lined with caparisoned horses. Ladies are presented with dupattas ( shawls) and gentlemen are crowned with Safas ( Rajasthan turbans ), then garlanded with marigolds and anointed with a tikka. Sip a cool welcome drink to the throb of Rajasthani folk dances and the hum of traditional music.

9. Wildlife & Village Safari
Come face to face with the Bishnoi tribe- original champions of the environment - who fiercely protect nature. Catch a glimpse of the black buck and exotic migratory birds. Visit the 300 year old Mahant's Math ( home to the religious head ) in a typical Rajasthani village. Step quietely into the temple of Lord Shiva - the god of destruction where the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb had presented a ceremonial sword. Be the guest of the village and attend the worshipping ceremony of Lord Shiva. After you have enjoyed the traditional Chari dance, stroll leisurely through Meena Bazaar and admire a dhurrie weaver, lac, bangle maker and a potter at work.