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Apani Dhani, Nawalgarh
Host: Ramesh Jangid
When: Any time
Length of stay: As long as the visitors wishes
Minimum number of guests: One
Languages: English, German, French

Aani Dhani Nawalgarh. Our accommodations: Conceived out of deep commitment to ecology and healthy living, our accommodations, which we refer to as APANI DHANI, embody our attitude towards life. We opened this eco-lodge to travelers in 1990. Here are some facts about our place:

Use Of Alternative Energies
» Solar water heating system: the hot water is provided by the home made solar panels designed as per the Central Arid Research Institute - Jodphur
» Solar oven: occasionally used for cooking rice and lentils
» Low energy consumption bulbs using five times less electricity

Organic Farming & Food
Apani Dhani is surrounded by one hectare of agriculture land. We grow wheat, millet, lentils and different types of seasonal vegetables. Neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides are used.
We also get a supply from Navdanya foods, a Delhi based organization, Navdanya works for conservation of Bio diversity, promotion of poison free agriculture and fair trade.

Eco-Friendly Housing
» Pampas grass (local plant) is used for thatching the roofs of the huts.
» Sun dried clay bricks, mud plaster and ochre from the nearby mountains are utilized for wall construction and decoration.
» These materials provide ideal isolation for our climate.

Water Conservation
Through traditional Indian way of bathing (bucket and mug), the villagers use mere 15 liters of water per person per bath.

1. They first wet themselves, taking water from the bucket with the mug.
2. Then, they apply soap on their bodies.
3. Finally, they rinse themselves by taking again water with the mug.

Room in Apani Dhani Nawalgarh » In all cases, the water in the bucket remains clean and if any is left, it can be used for other purposes.
» Taking shower with running water requires 2 to 3 times more. Therefore, buckets and mugs are available in each bathroom of Apani Dhani as well as running hot and cold water but through taps only.
» By adopting the Indian way of bathing, the guests help conserving water, scarce in Rajasthan.
» Rain fall in 600 square meter of paved courtyard and from the roof is collected in an underground tank. This water is used for agriculture.

» Mineral water and fruit juices are bought in glass bottles which are taken back by the dealer.
» Leaf plates are used to serve the meals. Along with leftover food, those are given to the animals or composted.
» Used paper is turned into Papier mache.

Healthy Living
» "We are what we eat": we serve wholesome organic food as much as we can. The meals are always prepared fresh on demand.
» Yoga and Naturopathy are part of our daily practice.