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Burra Sahib's Bungalow at Sangsua. Burra Sahib's Bungalow is where the Tea Estate Manager lives. Known for their quaint , colonial architecture, these bungalows are associated with a unique and graceful lifestyle of an age gone by. Heritage North East will take you back in time to two such bungalows - at Gatoonga and Sangsua Tea Estates in the remote valley of Assam.

Starting with the British colonial exterior , soak in the sprawling interiors of carpeted wooden floors, four to five bedrooms, high ceilings, verandahs with sloping roofs and a panoramic view of acres of flower-bedecked garden. Take a peek into the life of the Tea Estate Manager as he begins his day at 6 am. Walk with him as he makes his rounds of the garden.

See the colourful women pluckers as they chatter and sing while meticulously plucking the fresh two leaves-and-a-bud from the bushes. Enter the factory and get a first-hand knowledge of how tea is made. Learn the art of tea tasting from the masters. A fascinating story that begins from the bush and ends in your cup.

Back in the bungalow, experience the luxuries that the British Manager and his memsahib enjoyed. The retinue of uniformed servants, the traditional, continental meals and 'in-betweens', the elaborate baths and sporting pastimes - a round of golf on the private course, a game of croquet with spouses in tow or even a swim in the burra sahib's personal lake.