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Bumthang Jambay Lhakang Drup
Jambey Lhakang Festival Day 01 : First evening's program begins around 07.00 pm, with the "Jinsi" the burning of the sacred fire.
» Shana Cham with Ging Cham
» Tseking Karna
» Tshok Cham
» Mewang (the sacred fire ceremony)

Day 02 : Begins around 9.30 in the morning with a "chipdrel" traditional reception. The Astara (clown) welcomes the audience and the marchang ceremony. Mask dances begin
» Shinji Yab Yum
» Youelem
» Peling Ging Sum - Driging, Juging, Ngaging
» Durda Cham
» Lunch break at 01.00 pm. After lunch the dances resume:- » Jachung and Boechung dance
» Pacham

Day 03:
» Atsara (clown) dance Dola Pangtoy
» Shazam
» Shana Phurcham with Durda
» Shana Ngacham
» Lunch break
» Ging & Tsholing Cham (the dance of the sacred war between the Gods and the Demons)
» Tsecho Gingcham (Tercham)
» Damitse Ngacham (The famous drum beat dance originating from Dramitse)
» Pholey Moley Cham

Raksha Mangcham Dance of Bhutan Day 04:
» Chungtsam Cham
» Gicham
» Dorling Ngacham (Tercham of Terchen Dorjilingpa)
» Raksha Gocham
» Lunch Break.
» Raksha Mangcham (this dance symbolizes Life after death, at the court of the Lord of the Dead.)
» Ten Wang (Blessings from the sacred statue of Terton Dorjilingpa)

Getting there
By Air : Paro airport is 7 kms from Paro town and 300 Kms from Paro. Druk air operates flight from Calcutta, Delhi and Kathmandu,

By Road : Bumthang is well connected with Wangdi and Thimpu. Distance Bumthang - Wangdi is 197 kms, Bumthang to Thimpu is 267 Kms.