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Mararikulam Beach. Mararikulam
Marari Beach is an endless vista of sand and surf, but it is more. An authentic experience of the world of Kerala's traditional fishing villages, and a recreation of an ancient, harmonious way of life.

The village of Mararikulam lies on a forgotten shore, midway up the Malabar Coast where the Indian Ocean finally decides that it has now become the Arabian Sea. It was here that we found all our answers.

A beach is a beach is a beach. Until you can seek out its living heart, the culture that calls it home.

Marari beach Marari beach is a destination where you can experience the beauty of lonely white beaches ,the traditional fishermen living, a mind blowing sunset and thus stay away from all your stretches.

Mararikulam or Marari is a sleepy fishing village, about 25 Kms from Alapuzha and 60 kms south of Cochin. The village of Mararikulam is tucked away behind a line of dense palms that rise like a green fortification of the sands. Set amidst the coconut groves the Marari Beach is an ideal destination to spend your holidays. A must visit in Mararikulam is the traditional coir-making units. You may even explore the marvelous backwaters, the tranquility and the scenic surroundings of which make a superb relaxing experience

One could say that there are two kinds of beach resorts in the world. Most common, of course, are those raucous, neon-lit places of water sports, midnight raves and trinket stores. Then there's the other kind, of the 'endless-golden-sands-where-you-won't -see-a-soul' variety, usually touted for their peace and quiet. It is an experience born of a question we asked ourselves. Can a strip of sand have a soul? And having decided that it must, we went searching for where it might be found.

And so, Marari Beach is a celebration of Kerala's coastal fishing villages. Inspired by this ancient way of life, we sought to capture its essence and create a new experience in sensitive travel for the modern-day visitor.

How to get there
Cochin is the nearest International Airport, and Mararikulam is an hours' drive from there.