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Marari Beach Resort
Waves in Inner Space
Marari beach Resort. Marari Beach sprawls across 55 acres of lawns, far-flung lotus ponds and whispering coconut groves, all threaded through with stone- flagged pathways. A windbreak of palms runs the length of the property, a protective cover that reduces even the gustiest sea winds to mere caresses. And beyond is a milk-and-azure ocean, fringed by a beach more ochre than yellow, a sand-meets-sea combination you're not likely to find anywhere else.

Warmth & Palm thatch
Modeled on the fishermans' dwellings of Mararikulam, your accommodations are a fine balance between traditional form and modern function. The roof is palm thatch, but we've added a concrete base that keeps the air-conditioning in and the odd insect out. Bathrooms too, combine modern fixtures with the traditional Kerala open-roofed style. And the little taps outside each cottage are another local touch.

The fisher folk use them to clean the sand off their feet, and you can do likewise. Barefoot is a great way to be at Marari Beach, even indoors! Cottages like the one we've just described form the standard accommodation , but if you favor more private luxuries, maybe you'd like to pick one of our pool villa cottages, which are suite-style and have a secluded walled courtyard with a private pool all your own And so, Marari Beach Resort is a celebration of Kerala's coastal fishing villages. Inspired by this ancient way of life, we sought to capture its essence and create a new experience in sensitive travel for the modern-day visitor.

A beach with a heart
One could say that there are two kinds of beach resorts in the world. Most common, of course, are those raucous, neon-lit places of water sports, midnight raves and trinket stores. Then there's the other kind, of the 'endless-golden-sands-where-you-won't -see-a-soul' variety, usually touted for their peace and quiet.

Marari Beach, we are happy to say, is neither. It is an experience born of a question we asked ourselves. 'Can a strip of sand have a soul?'. And having decided that it must, we went searching for where it might be found.

Tasting the Ocean
Marari is kerala Cuisine. The focus at Marari is on Kerala cuisine, though we serve up a range of international favourites too. Seafood is always seasonal varieties, based on the fresh catch of the day. Another favourite is the fisherman's curries, simmered in clay pots, and served up with a traditional leaf spoon.

The secret of the tangy fish curries of this part of the world lies - literally - in the soil. For it is earthenware pots, placed on a slow wood fire and simmered, that give the food its unique texture and succulence. At Marari Beach, you can enjoy the simple traditional dishes of the fisher folk (along with, of course , a variety of international cuisine favourite s) at our verandah- style restaurant.

Dinners are candlelit, often with live music (the traditional kerala trio comprises a harmonium, flute and tablas) . And the beachside features an evening grill serving up some select seafood, always fresh, always seasonal. The spacious main restaurant serves up Kerala cuisine, buffet style, along with a host of international favorites and of course, the freshest seafood available. Most evenings, you can catch some live music here too The long Verandah is the appropriate place to enjoy a sundowner. Apart from the bar area, the clubhouse offers television (the only one on the premises) and a large selection of paperbacks in English, French and German.

The accent at Marari Beach is on fresh fish. The Malabar coast is abundant with splendid seafood varieties, from blue crabs and fat mussels, to giant prawns, lobster, sea bass, shark, mackerel and red snapper; from barracuda, bigeye and skipjack tuna, to baby octopus and reef cod ...the list is endless

Natural Highs
The bar at Marari is in a beautiful 200-year old building, deep in a thicket of trees and lotus ponds. Enjoy a 'Panchamrutam' (a heady local concoction) in the midst of colonial -style spaces and serenity. If you can't tear yourself away from the beach, you can get a tall cold one down there too, at the Beach Shack.

Being the part of a Whole
Marari Vegitables. Most of the greens , fruits and vegetables for the restaurants come from our own organic garden, across the lane. And the days catch, of course, gets served up as fresh as can be, practically straight off the fishing boats. We practice water harvesting and Marari Beach is a chemical-free zone where only natural oils and local remedies are used for pest control.

Vermiculture and composting keep the soil fertile, both in the organic farm and on the grounds. In fact, you can not only see these activities at work, you can even participate! Help pick some seasonal fruit or even plant a tree or two.

Ayurveda & Yoga
Marari Beach has a fully equipped ayurvedic centre, so you can get all the benefits of this ancient system of medicine. Put yourself in the hands of our expert masseuses and you'll feel reborn. There are also regular yoga classes on the beach, in the thick of a cool coconut grove. The locale, we're told, does wonders for your inner serenity.

To an Ayurvedic masseur, giving a massage is a form of worship, and the centre at Marari reflects the spiritual nature of the treatments.Expert doctors guide the process, and the result is a powerful healing system, the results of which you can measure for yourself, even after two or three sessions.

We have multiple therapy rooms and massage rooms offering the full range of treatments and massages, with qualified doctors to oversee it all. On the low table at left is a selection of fresh herbs, many plucked from the medicinal herb garden just outside.

The pool villas are a private world, with secluded courtyards, spacious suite-style accomodations and of course, your own private plunge pool.

Things to do
Ayurvedic Massage in Marrari Beach Resort. Do nothing on the beach, take long walks or bicycle rides. Marari wasn't designed for doing but just the opposite. But you should definitely take time out to stroll down to the village and explore.

There are regular cookery classes most evenings, so you can learn and enjoy Kerala cuisine even when you go back home. There's a full size pool, beach volleyball and tennis for the more active. Lots of books and stuff in the clubhouse too. Ayurvedic massages and Yoga classes will get you into a deeper state of relaxation then you thought possible.

  • Jan - Mar : Cool and dry.
  • April - May : Summer, warm certainly, but on the other hand, it's perfect tanning weather.
  • June - Aug : The monsoon months, with a drizzly, misty charm all their own. This is also the perfect time for Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Sept - Dec : Pleasant and dry, usually the main tourist season.