The Malabar House Kalari Ayurveda
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The Malabar House Kalari Ayurveda
The Malabar House KalariThe Malabar House is part of Fort Cochin's historical fabric. Its recorded history dates back to 1755, when Jan Herman Clausing, a Dutch, bought the property from Mathew Henrich Beyls. Subsequently owned by spice traders, tea traders and bankers, it became 1996 Fort Cochin's first boutique heritage hotel.

Step out into history...
The Malabar House is in the heart of historical Fort Cochin, opposite St. Francis Church and 3 minutes walk to the Chinese fishing nets. It is ideally located for sightseeing, shopping and backwater cruises. Jew town with its vast curio & antique market is 3 km away; the Vembanad lake just an hours drive.

Our Ayurvedic Kalari massage spa rejuvenates and heals body & soul. Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest martial art forms of Asia. It developed over centuries its own system of Ayurvedic oil massages, the Kalari massage. Kalari requires physical and mental discipline.

Attitude, technique and skill are handed down over generations along with the knowledge of the physiology & vital points of the body. As a result Kalari has a superior effectiveness, it is more then a wellness program: It offers rejuvenation, better flexibility, reduction of fat tissues and treatments for rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, headache & stress related disorders. The ideal duration is 7 to 15 days.

We developed special treatments to complement short stays. They help you to relax & tone your body and give you an insight into an ancient spa tradition.

General Body massage
Recommended for general fitness of the body
It tones up the muscles, increases blood circulation, relaxes joints, stimulates the nerve system and is good for the senses.
Especially beneficial for diabetics

A treatment in which herbal oil is poured in a rhythmic manner on the forehead. It is extremely beneficial in case of migraines, head aches and insomnia. It relaxes entire nerve system. Ideal for computer related stress.

Kalari Massage in Malabar House Kalari massage
Our traditional synchronized massage done on the floor by 2 masseurs In this massage the vital energy points are stimulated thereby harmonizing the flow of energy.

Ela Kizhi
It is a process in which herbal leaves are tied in a cloth bag. This bag is dipped into hot medicated oil and then applied all over the body. It relieves from body pain, stiff joints, back aches and similar ailments.

Manashanthi, the stress management program, a 3 days treatment package This treatment will effectively manage stress and tension
Day 1 - Shirodhara
Day 2 - General Body massage
Day 3 - Shirodhara

Rejuvenation program, a 5 days treatment package Tones up the skin, rejuvenates and strengthens the tissues, increases vitality and improves mental clarity and thereby increases the resistance of the body, so as to achieve ideal health and longevity.
Day 1 - General Body Massage
Day 2 - Kalari Massage
Day 3 -Shirodhara Day 4 - Ela Kizhi Day 5 - Ela Kizhi