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Healing Touch at Spice Village
Spice Village - Thekkady
Cardamom Hills in Kerala Set in the heart of the Cardamom Hills of Kerala, Spice Village is an unprecedented tourist destination, offering a rare opportunity to enjoy South India's wildlife and beauty. The village lies just outside Periyar Tiger Reserve, and a stay here is the perfect way to appreciate and respect the environment.

This is a place for everyone who loves nature: somewhere to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, to savor the rich fragrance of cinnamon and cloves, to watch young elephants drinking at the water's edge. The resort itself provides every comfort the modern traveller could wish for - luxurious accommodation, mouth-watering cuisine, and an exclusive swimming pool.

Recreating the mood of the local tribal community, our architects have designed individual cottages amongst a landscaped spice garden. Each dwelling is thatched with elephant grass and offers simple luxury and privacy. Throughout the village, the atmosphere is relaxed and enchanting. We can arrange for an exhilarating water safari across Lake Periyar, a visit to a nearby coffee plantation, even a trek deep into the tropical forest.

Spice Village is in Kumily, a small settlement three kilometers from Thekkady, the main entrance to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The design of each cottage was inspired by the native tribesmen of Periyar, the Oorali and Mannan, who lived in similar dwellings. Infact, one of the cottages currently being used as an office, is an original tribal hut which has been modified. A number of creature comforts have been added, however, to make your stay a luxurious one.

Location of Spice Village, Periyar
140 kms. from Airport, 108 from Railway Station

Jan - Mar: Cool, dry
April - May: Summer
June - August: Monsoon
Sept - Dec: Pleasant, dry
Things to do
Boat ride in Periyar lake, trekking in Periyar forest, Tiger reserve, spice plantation visit, 'Learn to cook with spices'.

Spicy Village Periyar Facilities at Spice Village, Periyar
Room Service, H/C Running Water, Telephone, TV, Channel Music, Safe Deposit, Swimming pool, badminton, tennis, Ayurveda Centre & indoor games, Regular doctors on call.

Accomodation at Spice Village, Periyar
The rooms are spacious and furnished with simple sophistication: terracotta tiled floors, wooden beds and chairs, and whitewashed walls. ( To preserve the environment, the furniture has been crafted using pine from Cochin's historic docks. ) There is also a telephone, a fan, an en suite bathroom with hot running water, and an efficient laundry service. A verandah runs round the entire cottage, and each dwelling is set in its own land. At the centre of the village is a swimming pool, surrounded by tropical trees and lawns.

Overlooking it is a buffet restaurant, which serves a wide range of traditional Indian and international cooking. As you would expect, spices play their part in a menu which changes daily. Spice Village has an exclusive Ayurvedic clinic, well-equipped for treatments like Pizhichil, Njavarakizhy, Dhara and other natural therapies.

The Village offers many other facilities, including a conference hall and games room, complete with table tennis, carom and chess boards, and a floodlit outdoor badminton court. The highlight, though, is the garden itself, bursting with a rich array of spice trees. Each plant is carefully marked ( giving the English and Latin names ), and there is a botanist at hand to answer any question.

Leisure Activities at Spice Village, Periyar
Water Safari : There are several ways to explore the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The most popular is by boat, which allows visitors to watch animals drinking at the lakeside. Two hour trips are booked at the Spice Village, and the best chance of sighting animals is in the early morning or at dusk. It's an eerie sensation passing by the forest branches which poke out from the water, stretching through the mist like dead men's fingers. Many animals come to the water's edge and it is one of the few places in the world where elephants can be observed at close quarters from the safety of a boat.

Forest Treks : It can be arranged for you to venture deep into the tropical forests. Accompanied by a tribal guide, you will be dropped off by boat at the far end of the lake, from where you proceed on foot, quickly leaving behind the crowds. It is only safe to travel at certain times of the day, but your guide will know more about the jungle than the wild animals which roam the savannah grasslands and woods.

Kerala Cuisine at Spice Village Cookery Demonstration : For those who want more than just a taste of the delicious Kerala cuisine, cooking classes are held by the Chef every evening. You get to see for yourself how the dishes are so carefully made. You could also try your hand with the earthenware pots and pans and make your own variation of the Kerala savories.

The Kerala fish curry, appam, avial, etc. have a very exotic flavour. The method of preparation is so different that it makes Kerala cuisine very distinct and liked by all. Enough reasons to watch, learn and try for yourself.

Spice Village Ayurvedic Center
Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is almost as old as the Indian civilization. It's holistic approach, the efficacy of its therapies and the absence of distressing side affects are some of its more salient features. Throughout the world there is a rising awareness of the benefits of natural health systems. Health in the Ayurvedic view represents the Harmony of body, mind and soul. It's pharmacopeias is nature herself and its diagnostic and curative tools have been derived from the invaluable legacy of insights, experience and knowledge bequeathed to posterity by its great masters. It is based on natural principles that inform and animate human life.

The Spice Village offers the following therapies at its Ayurvedic Centre under the guidance of an expert " vaidyan " ( physician ) whom you may consult for a fuller understanding of symptoms and appropriate treatment. It is well equipped with a dispensary and qualified resident staff.

Here's a reason why less is more at Spice Village. And this has nothing to do with minimalism or other trendy design ideas, but something much more permanent. Consider the facts. There is no air-conditioning. No television. No piped music. Simple pine furniture greets you when you enter your room. And beneath your feet is nothing more than plain terracotta floor.

You'll find little room for opulence. And none at all for pretentiousness. Yet, Spice Village is a world renowned resort that's consistently won acclaim for its service, its cuisine and the unique experiences it offers. To see why, one needs to suspend all the standard images that crowd the mind on hearing the word 'resort'. For the Spice Village is more (or should we say less?) than that.

Imagine a mirror, a perfect looking-glass held up to its environment. A mirror that reflects the place itself, its people and, magically, its history too. Naturally, it offers little of its own to distract from the purity of that experience.

Sirovasthi Spice Village Air conditioning? Unnecessary anyway, and what would it do but mask the heady spice-scents that fill the air? Piped music is no substitute for birdsong. And while there is a lone television on the premises, we cannot conceive of a single reason why you should wish to turn it on. No, the experience of Spice Village emerges not from the fixtures of civilization, but from Kerala's lofty mountain spirit.
And to know this spirit fully, we must first travel a little, back in time.

The Land Where Pepper Grows. Spice Village is located in the Periyar wilderness, high in the western ghats of Kerala. For centuries, the area attracted voyagers and adventurers, mercenaries and empire builders, kings and merchant princes. Men and women drawn not only by the lure of spices, but by the romance and wild beauty of the land. The Portuguese and the Jews of Cochin visited as traders, turning the natural bounties of the area into wealth.

Pepper and cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg, mace and anise the Periyar hills became nature's taste factory in the 14th century, as Cochin became nature's harbor, the port of lading for a spice-hungry world. Later, the area came under the Kingdom of Travancore, and many of its plantations, orchards and hunting lodges date from that time.

The Raj too, left its mark on the Cardamom Hills. Early efforts at conservation came from its dedicated forest rangers, who loved the land and its people as their own. Today, it's the rainforests, the animals and the vast silences that attract the modern visitor. On the road to Spice Village, it's easy to feel this centuries-old allure yourself. The earth boils in a fertile outpouring, every conceivable shade of green, flecked with the crimson and gold of mountain flowers. This is a world of forests patterned in dappled sunlight. Plantations of rubber, coffee and spice. Rolling highlands and crisp, cool air.