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Jewish Synagogue Cochin.Kochi
Known as the "Queen of Arabian Sea", the flourishing city of Kochi plays hosts to the finest Jewish Synagogue in India. Before the mass immigration of the Jews to Israel (in the early 1950s) they lived quite comfortably for well over 1,000 years in Kerala. The Synagogue in Mattancherry is reminiscent of the Jewish settlements. Built in 1568 A.D the synagogue has scrolls of Old Testament and a number of copper plates inscribed in the Hebrew Script preserved till date. It's the perfect testimony for the communal harmony in the state for centuries. The 18th century clock tower is an enticing sight. You can visit the synagogue from 10 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm on all days except Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

Getting There: Kochi is north of Trivandrum (218 km) and south of Kozhikode (223 km).

The small and cozy town of Pune plays host to thousands of Jewish pilgrims. And Why? Cause Pune is home to the Ohel David Synagogue. With an uncommon sobriquet like "Lal Dewil" the Ohel David Synagogue was built by David Sassoon in 1863 in Poona. This well known Pune landmark is an aesthetic wonder. Everything about this Synagogue is special - the clock tower, the 90 foot spire, the bell, the stained glass or the architecturally brilliant interiors. David Sassoon rests in peace in a fine mausoleum in the synagogue.

Getting There: Mumbai is the nearest airport. Pune is a 2-and-a-half hour drive from Mumbai. You get many buses from Mumbai or even catch a train to Pune.

In the year 1411, when Sultan Ahmed Shah built a city on the banks of River Sabarmati, little did he know that, 550 years later, his Ahmedabad would be known as the 'Manchester of the East'. Right in the heart of Ahmedabad is the Magen Abraham Synagogue. The name commemorates the founder of the prayer hall, Dr. Abraham Erulkar. This Synagogue is well maintained, and looks after the religious welfare of the Bene Israels in the city and the surrounding.

Getting There: Ahmedabad is well connected by air, road and rail to all major cities.