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Swami Parthasarathy "If you cannot manage yourself , you cannot manage anything around you." Swami Parthasarathy

"A man who adds new meaning to the phrase business guru" - TIME Magazine, on Swami Parthasarathy

An insight into the essential role of Self-management in increasing productivity and reducing stress After decades of intense research, an outstanding contribution of Swami Parthasarathy is translation of subtle philosophic themes into practical techniques of Self-management that increase productivity and reduce stress for the modern human being.

Current educational programs in both business schools and corporations focus on increasing intelligence through acquisition of external information. Self-Management focuses on the individual.

Explains the functioning of a person's inner personality and its relationship with the world. Develops intellectual strength and clarity, enabling one to handle challenges and function with both efficiency and equanimity in life. Human beings broadly lack this essential skill, resulting in an alarming rise in stress and deteriorating productivity levels. Statistical data worldwide including findings by the World Health Organization and International Labor Organization bear testimony to this truth.

The program lays emphasis on the following topics:
  • Principles of Stress Management
  • The science of Productivity
  • The essence of Leadership
  • The technique of Time Management
  • Work ethics for corporate governance
Residential retreat programs on Self Management at the beautiful Vedanta Academy campus in India .
Vedanta  Academy Campus in India The newly constructed Vedanta Corporate Academy is situated 108 km south east of Mumbai on a tranquil plateau surrounded by hills. The Academy has modern, impressive facilities with lecture and yoga halls, gymnasium, and 40 fully furnished rooms.

A daily schedule personally conceived by Swami Parthasarathy will challenge your body, mind and intellect - from yoga and sport to study and discussion on the highest knowledge known to humanity. You will discover that it is lack of Self management that has been the problem all along. This knowledge will enable you to tower above the challenges of life and emerge peaceful, dynamic and successful in your choosen field. Above all, you will learn in a personalized setting with Swami Parthasarathy, the world authority on ancient wisdom in modern business.

The Self-management program has found acceptance among premier management forums, business schools and corporations worldwide. Swami Parthasarathy continues to be a distinguished international resource of the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization, Young Presidents' Organization, and World Presidents' Organization. And has addressed leading institutions such as the World Economic Forum, The World Bank, Brookhaven National Laboratories, NASA, Harvard Business School and recently the Kellogg School of Management.

» World P Young Presidents Organisation YPO (USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia) residents Organisation WPO (South Africa, India -all world conference)
» World Economic Forum (Davos)
» World Bank (New York)
» European Business Council (France)
» National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
» Brookhaven National Laboratories (USA)

Wharton Business School » Harvard Business School
» Wharton Business School
» Kellogg School of Management
» Stanford University
» Cambridge University
» The University of California Berkeley
» Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), South Africa
» The Indian Institutes of Technology
» The Indian Institutes of Management
» Murdoch University, Australia
» The University of Singapore
» Malaysian Institute of Management, Kuala Lumpur

» Microsoft
» Ford
» Johnson and Johnson
» Chanel
» Piaggio
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